How to Implement Gratitude Journaling into Your Lifestyle

In my last Studio Studies book club episode, I spoke of the importance of gratitude journaling in cultivating a healthier mindset and overall satisfaction with your life. There are many ways you can implement this practice into your lifestyle besides your typical list of what you’re grateful for.

Here is a list of thirteen different (and slightly unconventional) ways you can implement gratitude journaling into your regular self-care practice.

1. Make a bullet point list.

The most basic of the bunch. If you’re a list maker like myself, create a list of 5-7 things you’re grateful for. Remember to be as specific as you can–we’re all grateful for our friends, family, and dog, but what about being grateful you can sit on your porch in the morning and write a quick blog post? 🙂

2. Free write.

Let the gratefulness flow for a set number of pages or for as long as you can you can carry on.

3. Take photos with your phone and save them in a special folder.

Pretty self-explanatory here.

4. Take actual photos and get them developed.

You can cut and paste these into a physical journal, create a scrapbook, or just keep them all-together in a special container. Take a polaroid, use your point-and-shoot, or get fancy with a DSLR.

5. Draw a picture.

They actually make journals for this exact purpose (here’s one I found on Amazon). Break out your colored pencils, watercolors, charcoal, or pastels and get creative.

6. Share with a loved one.

Straight up tell your best friend or partner what you’re grateful for that day. This can be beneficial for your romantic relationship as well if you share something you appreciate about them, with them.

7. Make it a challenge.

If you’re competitive, make it a game for yourself. Can you write one more thing you’re grateful for today than you did yesterday? Is there a reward you can give yourself after you finish (besides a happier, healthier mindset, of course)?

8. Do it when you need it most during the day.

Do you have a hard time getting out of a funk in the mornings? This might be a great time to practice gratitude. If you tend to work mindlessly throughout the work day, it might be a good opportunity to use as a break. Do you struggle with sleep due to stress or anxiety? Then gratitude journaling before bed might be for you.

9. Make a voice memo on your phone.

If you’re more auditory, you can record what you’re grateful for that day into a note on your phone.

10. Get creative.

Embrace your inner child and break out the fun pens, stickers, highlighters, and washi tape!

11. Use a gratitude journaling app.

Yes, there’s an app for that. Some options are Gratitude, Grateful, Happyfeed, and Reflectly. You can also literally search for “gratitude journal” in your App store…you’ll get a ton of options.

12. Make a Twitter account specifically for gratitude posts.

Keep it private and just for you, share it with your loved ones, or publicize it for the world to see.

13. Make an Instagram account specifically for gratitude posts.

Like #12, but with pictures.


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