How to Prepare for Your Therapy Sessions

Therapy is not just an investment in your mental health, it’s an investment in your finances! One of the best ways to get the most out of your sessions is to prepare for them. Here are 5 ways you can prepare for your therapy sessions:

1. Do your homework!

Your therapist wouldn’t be suggesting it if he/she didn’t think it was important and relevant to your growth towards your goals. If the word “homework” bothers you, you can always call it something else, like “practice,” “growth,” or “learning.” Most of your growth occurs outside of the therapy room (90%, in fact).

2. Spend some time reflecting on your progress towards the life you want.

What is going better in your life since you started therapy? What has changed? Is something getting in the way of your growth? Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel you’ve plateaued? Talk to your therapist about it. It might be a good time to revisit your goals and redefine what you want to get out of therapy.

3. Take a peek at your journaling from your last session.

This helps refresh your memory on what you talked about last time, and also helps you think about what is still sticking with you a week later. If it’s still sticking, it’s probably worth revisiting with your therapist.

4. Think about what you want to use your session for!

This is YOUR therapy experience, not your therapist’s. It might even be helpful to keep a note on your phone called “Things to Bring Up in Therapy” (or as my clients call it, their “Tina Note”). This way, you can write topics down over the week, and also see which issues you end up solving on your own.

5. Take some time to get into the zone for your session.

It will be really hard to just jump off a work call and pop into your therapist session 5 minutes later. Give yourself the time you need to transition and clear your head for therapy. If you are driving to your session, perhaps drive in silence and reflect on your time between sessions. If you’re heading into a virtual session, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, grab a blanket, and light a candle. Get your journal out, review your notes, take a deep breath, and sign on!


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