5 Unconventional Ways to Nurture Your Mental Health During Quarantine

Written while sitting on the couch, with Tank commanding my attention as usual.

With stay-at-home orders in full effect due to COVID-19, we’re all having to get a little creative with how we use our time at home to nurture our mental health. While I am all for the traditional self-care practices that have been floating around the internet nowadays (practice mindfulness, FaceTime a friend, stay on a schedule), we think outside the box here at The Therapy Studio. Here are five ways to practice self-care during social distancing that you haven’t thought of yet.

  1. Enroll in Yale University’s The Science of Well-Being online course.

    This discovery really pumped up your fellow life-long learner over here. What a great way to build productivity and gain self-awareness through research. I can’t think of a better way to improve my own happiness than with research-based methods. The best part—it will cost you nothing but your time and dedication.

  2. Do a 30-day Yoga with Adriene challenge with a friend.

    About two months ago, Adriene launched her latest 30 Days of Yoga series – Home. How the heck did Adriene know how helpful this would be during this time of quarantine? If you’re looking for company, FaceTime a friend and simultaneously hit play to pretend you’re in a yoga studio together.

  3. Foster a dog or cat.

    If you struggle with loneliness or lack of social interaction, this shelter-in-place order might be especially difficult for you. If you’ve ever considered fostering a stray, what a wonderful time to offer your home in exchange for the gift of temporary companionship. Most shelters provide you with everything you need (food, supplies, etc.) to be a foster fur mom, so the only price you have to pay is love.

  4. Check out library books and read on the Libby app.

    We’ve already heard about limiting information consumption regarding the coronavirus, but you can do this without putting down your phone. If you have a library card, you can check out books through Overdrive and read through Libby on your phone. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with COVID-19 updates, distract yourself by switching over to a good book. I promise this will feel much more productive than inhaling information.

  5. Update your sleep schedule.

    Now that we have more time in our schedules due to lack of commute time, work obligations, and social gatherings, what better way to nurture your mental health than by getting enough sleep? If you’ve always wanted to go to bed earlier—here’s your chance. Curious about being an early bird? What a great time to test it out. Use the flexibility in your schedule to your advantage and create a sleep routine that feels good for you.