studio studies

book club

ok, so who will
be there?

Studio Studies will be hosted by me, Tina Cummings, LPC, NCC.

You can participate in this book club if you identify as a human being...see you there.

and what exactly is
studio studies?

Studio Studies is an ongoing, informal, monthly book club hosted by Tina of The Therapy Studio.

As a community of lifelong learners, we will create individual experiences of building self-awareness, learning new coping skills, and increasing our knowledge through different books related to mental health and wellness.

DISCLAIMER: Though this book club is hosted by a licensed therapist, it is not a substitute for psychotherapy or group counseling. Studio Studies' sole purpose is to provide education and information to those who choose to participate.

so when is
this happening?

Studio Studies will take place every Tuesday, throughout the course of the day.

the books

but where do I
find it?

Studio Studies will take place on The Studio's Instagram story.

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January 5th
intro to
studio studies


january 12th
intro + part 1


january 19th
part 2


part 3

the schedule

the happiness trap by russ harris

breakdown by week:


what if i can't make it on tuesdays?

No worries. Since it's on my IG story, you'll be able to access it for the next 24 hours.

where can i submit topics and questions?

Send requests for topics and questions about the readings right here to my email.

where can i get the book?

Anywhere you want--buy from a bookstore (bonus points if you buy from a black-owned bookstore), borrow from the library, download the audiobook, or get the e-book version for your Kindle.