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I have been working with students for the last six years as a school counselor in St. Louis. I find the greatest joy of my job (and what I do best) is individual therapy.

My approach at the Therapy Studio is all about you! And in this space, you come first (I know it might feel weird, but it’s time).

I work with women who are motivated, ready to make a change in their lives, and who are a little outside the norm.

We will work together to harness your inner power, heal your prior trauma, and get you to the place you want to be. There may be bumps along the way, and that’s okay... this is your story - let’s write it!

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How do you know if therapy is for you?
Let me tell ya.

Have you ever felt like you needed a change? Something new and exciting, but it’s mostly just super scary and you need someone to help you just go for it? Me too. That’s why I am here at The Therapy Studio. I have been a school counselor for the past six years but I feel my calling is to work with women and girls looking to become their true selves. So I’m jumping in feet first with you! Let’s do this together. 

I know what it’s like to be a modern woman and the grind of trying to balance ALL the things. I know what it’s like to put your needs behind everything and everyone else. I know what it’s like for these things to pile up and manifest into physical anxiety. I know what it’s like to feel shameful and guilty about asking for help. We’re gonna go ahead and stop doing that! I can help you take steps to get what YOU need, even if you aren’t sure what that is yet, and I know that you can do this. 

Hi, I'm Emily.

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individual therapy

Our first session will be 90 minutes long. Each session afterwards will last 50 minutes.

I require weekly sessions to start, so we can get to know each other and build the trust we need to keep a steady momentum as we work towards your goals.

We’ll talk about how to make this work for your lifestyle.

Intake (75-90 min): $160
Standard (50 Min): $110

I'm Ready

sessions + fees

So, you want to know who I am and what kind of experience I have. Fair.

I have always wanted to help people and have always been drawn to hearing people’s stories, empathizing with their experience, and cheering them on from the sidelines. My mom always told me, “Emily, you can’t save the world,” and I kind of always disagreed with that (and still do). 

So I felt like the best way to change the world would be to mold the malleable minds of the youth! After receiving my bachelor’s in Elementary Education from University of Missouri - St. Louis.

in 2010, I realized my journey to my true self wasn’t quite over yet. I went back to school at University of Missouri - St. Louis to get my master’s in School Counseling and I graduated in 2015.

I am certified in Missouri as a Kindergarten through 8th grade school counselor as well as a National Board Certified Counselor. I love to learn and grow (or I’m just a glutton for punishment) so I have also completed an additional 30 hours of coursework on top of my master’s.

I obtained my PLPC certification in 2020, which allows me to practice therapy under supervision of a fully licensed counselor.

My supervisor is Tina Cummings, LPC-S, NCC (license no. 2013035394).

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